V2O’s Aquaculture Connection elevates the company to a higher high Quality Ingredientslevel of expertise and brings a broader range of products to our line-up. Aquaculture feeds are fed to fish, shrimp, clams, oysters, etc. which end up on people’s dinner table.


The science of aquaculture is studied in Universities worldwide and the nutritional advances made become go directly from the fish farms to the supermarket. The products brought to market are held to a higher standard of strict government regulations and requirements for accuracy.


So what does the Aquaculture Connection mean for V2O AQUARIUM FOODS? It means the stage is now set for advancing our technology, expanding our product selection, and growing our business into being the World’s best supplier of nutritional needs for the aquarium.

AND, it means immediate access to the following:

  • The “cutting edge" advances in nutrition technology, pre-biotics and live pro-biotics.
  • laboratory testing
  • The best seafood and seafood by-product ingredients from around the world.
  • Low-Temperature Drying "V-Pure” flake food process.
  • Pellet Foods Rich in protein, pigments and Omega 3 essential fatty acids.
  • “State of the Art” enrichment supplements for vitamin and HUFA additives.